Making a house a home is all about making it as welcoming as possible. You want to feel comfortable in your own home, and you want your guests to feel comfortable as well! We have pulled together a few tips on how you can make your home as welcoming as possible. With these tips, guests will never want to leave!

  • Create a place for guests to put their belongings. When guests enter your home, make sure there is a space by the front door where they can put their coats and jackets, bags and any other belongings they may have brought with them. It is a great way to make sure that they are welcomed immediately after setting foot in your home.
  • Make sure your home smells good. It is important to create a nice ambiance within your home – make sure it smells nice! If you have pets, try to clean up after them and light some candles to create a fresh, clean atmosphere for your family or any guests to be in.
  • Have seating that encourages conversation. Seating in your home is very important, especially when you are expecting company. Make sure that your seating is close enough together where people are able to have conversations easily and will not feel strained to hear or feel the need to speak loudly. Offer guests to sit in a comfortable, cozy area of your home, such as your living room, where there is relaxed seating such as couches!
  • Keep your home clean and remove clutter. Your home will look its most comfortable and inviting when it is clutter-free. Try to stay organized by keeping belongings in their designated space within the home. Before having guests over, be sure to wipe down tables and counter tops, ensure the floors are clean and make sure to remove any dust!