Selling your home? When thinking about putting your home on the market, it is very common for people to think about perfecting the interior, and staging it so it is as attractive as possible. What many people tend to forget about is the exterior, which is the first impression that potential buyers will get of the entire property! Many potential buyers will also be very interested in the state of your backyard, and how it looks. Here are some tips on how you can keep your backyard looking up-to-par before your house is shown:

  • Make sure your yard is clean. It is important to make sure that your backyard looks clean and fresh. Make sure your grass is mowed, shrubs and plants are trimmed, furniture is organized, and clutter is cleaned up. An organized backyard will allow for the potential buyers to truly see the backyard for what it is, and to decide whether they can picture themselves there.
  • Make sure all furniture and materials are in working condition. If you have materials in your backyard, it is important to ensure that everything is working, and that nothing needs to be repaired. Make sure to double check any furniture, play sets or storage units are in tip-top shape, as buyers will want to repair as little as they have to upon move-in day.
  • Spruce up or install fencing. If you already have fencing around your backyard, make sure that it is sturdy and clean. If you find any marks or dents, be sure to repair these. If your backyard is not fenced in, think about installing fencing before putting your house on the market, as many people look for their backyard to be enclosed, especially if they have pets!